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Blog Instructions

In order to add a new blog post, click on "More" on the toolbar and then select "Dashboard".
LiveEdit dashboard

Find Blog

Once in the Dashboard, select "Blog" from the left column.
LiveEdit blog

Set-Up Blog

To set-up your blog, click on the "Settings" menu to add your title, description, date format, and other settings for your blog.
LiveEdit blog set-up

Create New Post

To add blog posts, click "New Post" on the upper right-hand side.
LiveEdit new blog post

Pick Blog Type

Once you have clicked "New Post", you will choose what type of post you want to use. We recommend using the "Text" option in most cases.
LiveEdit blog types

Writing & Editing Your Blog

If you select the "Text" blog option, you will notice all the different options and functions at your disposal. Below we have highlighted a few of the most used ones:
  1. Title: The title is the heading of your Blog post. Type in what you would like to call the post and your blog post will display that title. Note: the URL for the page will default to the Title you select. If you would like to edit the URL to something shorter, do this before you Publish the Post. This can be done in the right column.
  2. Content: This is where all of the content for your blog post will go. This works just like your Text Editing tool on your site. 
  3. Publish Status: This tool allows you to choose when you want to publish the blog post you are working on. Publish Now will allow you to put the post on the site the moment you click "Create Post." Publish On allows you to choose when you want to publish a post by selecting a specific date and time to publish. Draft allows you to save a draft of the post you are working on if you are not done working on the post.
  4. Publish Button: Depending on what the Publish Status is, this button will have a few different actions. If you want to Publish Now, it will say Create Post. If it says Publish On and you have your date and time chosen, it will say Create Post but it will be in a Red font. If you have it set to Draft, it will say Save Draft.
LiveEdit blog post settings

If you have a specific question about any of these instructions or the other tools on your website, please call us at 612-623-8054 or email us at customersupport@esultants.com